Season 17 – Event 5

And the winner of event 5 was Not Matt Burley – aka Gary Bousquet. Congratulations Gary on your fifth career syndicate victory. In the last three seasons Gary has won one tournament per season – so we should be safe from him until next season! In second place was Lena, playing in her first Syndicate event since season 12 in 2016. Mark Ross clearly likes dealing since he got 3rd place for the second time this season. Keithy and John Thursby got 4th and 5th to round out our money winners.

Final Table

  1. Gary B
  2. Lena
  3. Mark Ross
  4. Keithy
  5. John Thursby
  6. Matt Hopkins
  7. Rene
  8. Wendi
  9. Jon T
  10. Mark S

The Leaderboard

We decided to let Matt B play this tourney after all but made sure he didn’t get any points – but even with his first 0 since March of last season he is well ahead of the field. Keithy though is closing the gap – with five scores in as many events, including three final table appearances – he has moved into 2nd place. Alan got a min-score and dropped down to to 3rd place. Behind him is Mark “3rd place or nothing” Ross. After that there is a tie for 5th between John B and Paul H. Wayne is in 7th place and Gary’s win moved him up into guaranteed seat territory. Ranjit is our current bubble-boy.

Next Up: Event 6 will be a re-entry tournament on Saturday, November 5th at 3PM. The evite will be out soon. Matt B is still invited at this time.

Full results and the updated leaderboard will be ready soon.

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