Season 17 – Event 6

Congratulations to Jon “Trouble” Towers for his victory in event 6. This is Jon’s third win in the last two seasons after (surprisingly) going his first 8 seasons without one! It must be all the extra nutrients he gets from his private pomegranate orchard! Jon also won our Final Table playoff tourney and Main Event seat at the end of Season 15.

In 2nd place was Jim H. for his best finish since he won Event 6 in season 12. In 3rd place was Rene, followed by Chris, Dr. Bob and Paul H. to round out our money winners.

Final Table

  1. Jon T
  2. Jim H
  3. Rene
  4. Chris Blake
  5. Bob W
  6. Paul H
  7. Wayne
  8. Sharon
  9. TJ
  10. Jonkey

The Leaderboard

The tope of the leaderboard tightened up some as Matt posted another goose egg. He still leads by a healthy 70 points over Paul H., who moved up from 5th to 2nd with his fifth score in a row (including 4 final tables). Keith dropped down to 3rd place and Wayne moved up two spots with his 7th place finish this week. After that, Alan dropped two spots to 5th place followed by Rene, Jon and Mark Ross to complete our guaranteed seats. John B is our current bubble-boy.

Next Up

Event 7 is a regular deep-stack tournament on Saturday Nov. 19th at 3pm

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