SoCal Poker

SoCal Poker Pros have been involved in every phase of poker since 2005.  We play tournaments.  We play cash games.  We have real results – look us up!!  We’ve been dealers and tournament directors and floor supervisors.  We also currently run a 75 player local WSOP Qualifier series league.

We know how to run a solid tournament that starts and finishes on time.  We bring cards and chips and tables but more importantly we know how to make sure everyone has fun!!

We can create a budget that suites your group and your goals.  We can provide up to 7 tables, with cards, chips and dealers.  That’s enough room for 63 players.  If you need more – just let us know and we can handle it.

Our goal is to provide a casino-level poker experience with all of the fun of an awesome home game.  Until now there has been no company that has the experience, expertise and ability to accomplish a well-run poker tournament that is also really fun at the same time.

Our job is to provide your guests with a fun experience AND have you realize the most potential for your fund-raising goals.

Please contact us at:

Gary Fessia      (619) 495-7589

John Kral           (858) 945-6766

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