New Committee Member!

With all the energy going into restarting Season 15, organizing the Tiki, and preparing for Season 16, I forgot to make a major announcement: last month Joy Jennings joined Chad Mothe’, Paul Hopkins, Keith Morgan, Gary Fessia and Matt Burley on the Syndicate Committee. Joy joined the Syndicate back in Season 9 and has been an active and involved player ever since. Welcome Joy and thank you for your great ideas, assistance and friendship these past seven years!!

Season 15 WSOP Team is Set!!

After 16 tournaments, 2 playoffs and 25 months our WSOP team is ready!!

  1. The winner of Season 15, Ranjit, has only played with us for two seasons but he is now two for two on winning Main Event seats. Last season he won the Main Event Bonus Tourney and this season he was the overall winner by 135 points! We spoke with him earlier today and he promised that he was going to go deeeeeeeeeep in his Main Event run this time!
  2. Our runner up this season, Wendi, has had a Syndicate career that led right to this moment. Wendi joined us back in season 10 when she only played a few events and came in 62nd place. In season 11 she moved up to 32nd place and in season 12 she made the playoffs in 21st. She made the playoffs again in season 13 with a 16th place finish and in season 14 she earned a guaranteed seat with a 7th place finish. So every season she has moved up the leaderboard until this season when she became the first woman in Syndicate history to win a WSOP Main Event seat. Congratulations Wendi!!
  3. Our third Main Event winner proved that all you have to do is make the playoffs to win a Main Event Seat! Jon Towers came from the playoff bracket and by winning a top-2 finish he earned a seat at our Bonus Main Event Final Table. Of course he won this tournament and will represent the Syndicate for the first time since joining our league back in season 8. Way to go Trouble!!

Our other winners:

4. David Benj – 3rd place, fifth Syndi seat w/ 2 Main Events (9 seasons)

5. Dana – 4th place, sixth Syndi seat with 2 Main Events (8 seasons)

6. Rowan – 5th place, second Syndi seat (3 seasons)

7. Matt B – 6th place, sixth Syndi seat with 2 Main Events (7 seasons)

8. Anthony – 7th place, first Syndi seat (8 seasons)

9. Farid – 8th place, first syndi seat (13 seasons)

10. Bob W – 9th place, first syndi seat (7 seasons)

11. Rene – 9th place, fourth syndi seat with 1 Main Event (9 seasons)

12. Matt H. – 11th place, first syndi seat (8 seasons)

13. Tom B – 15th place, first syndi seat (1 season)

14. Mark S – 23rd pace, first syndi seat (4 seasons)

15. Jonkey – 25th place, seventh syndi seat w/ 2 ME’s (15 seasons)

Huge congratulations to Anthony, Bob W, Matt H, Farid, Mark S and Tom B for winning their first Syndicate WSOP seats!!

Season 15 Main Event Final Table Tourney

We’ll have more info ready in a bit but here are the results of our Bonus Main Event Final Table tourney last night. We had 10 players – 8 with guaranteed seats and 2 that came from the previous night’s 18 player playoff.

All the players began with starting stacks based on their finish this season: David Benjamin, who came in 3rd place overall this season, began with 50 million chips. While Jon Towers and Mark Sawkar, who qualified the night before in the playoff tourney, started with 30 million chips each. The number of chips on the table – 360,400,000 – approximates a typical Main Event Final Table. As do the blinds that began at 200,000/400,000.

Here were the players and their starting stacks:

And the winner is:

Jon Towers, who came up from the playoffs the night before, took it down to earn his first Syndicate Main Event seat. Head’s up began with Dana holding a 220m to 140m chip lead, and the Wizard then extended that to 300m to 60m. But Jon stayed patient (the blinds were 3m/6m at this point) and just chipped away at Dana’s stack. After about 90 minutes of heads up play they got it all in on a flop of 8K7, with Dana holding AA and Jon with K8. It was an exciting finish to a very strange season for us. And it was all the more special for Jon as not only did he earn his seat by getting a top-2 finish the night before, but it was also his birthday!!

Here are the final results:

  1. Jon Towers
  2. Dana
  3. Farid
  4. Mark S
  5. Rowan
  6. Rene
  7. David Benjamin
  8. Anthony
  9. Matt B
  10. Bob W

Season 15 Final Table Bonus Tourney

Here’s the field for today’s Main Event Final Table. David Benjamin comes in as the big stack and Jon and Mark come in with the fewest chips. The 45 minute blinds start at 200k/400k. The action starts at 3pm at Joey’s Dance Hall – come on down and check it out!!

Season 15 Playoff Results

Last night Jon “Trouble Towers” and Mark “Jonny Quest” Sawkar took the top two spots in our playoff tourney and will join our guaranteed seat winners today in a winner take all tourney for our final Main Event seat. Matt H, Tom B and Jonkey won the other three $1500 seats..

Syndicate Covid Policy Update

Today the WSOP announced that all players, dealers, staff and spectators must be vaccinated and provide proof of such. So, going forward, the Syndicate will require the same. Our players must now either be vaccinated and provide documentation or for a short period of time be in the process of being vaccinated and show a current negative test result. After Oct 15th all players must be fully vaccinated.


Season 15 – Event 16

So we finally made it to our final event of Season 15 – twenty months after it began! In our final regular season event we had our only two-time winner this season, Matt B – who also took down event 11 back in February of 2020. In 2nd place was Ranjit, who padded his already insurmountable lead! And in 3rd place Gary F moved from “what are you doing way down there” up into the playoff bracket.

Final Table:

  1. Matt B
  2. Ranjit
  3. Gary F.
  4. Andi
  5. Anthony
  6. Joy
  7. Mona
  8. David Benj
  9. Jack
  10. Thane

Here is the season ending LEADERBOARD, RESULTS, STAKE and BANK file.

Final Tourney Update

We’ll have more details later – but for now here is your final leader board. Congratulations to Ranjit and Wendi for winning Main Event seats and to all our other winners and playoff contenders!!

Here is the updated LEADERBOARD ETC (check the tabs at the bottom)

Prize Pool Final Prize Packages

Every season we make projections for what our prize packages will be and those are then adjusted as we go along depending on attendance. It is not uncommon for us to add or remove seats as the end of the season draws near, but this season the adjustment is more dramatic than most. Since coming back from the Covid break, our attendance is significantly lower than our earlier projections. Where we expected to get attendance for the final three events in the 50’s to high 40’s, we are now getting the low 40’s and now the low 30’s. I’m sure we’ll bounce back when the new season starts but this is what we have to work with now.

With about $53,000 to work with our rules lay out our prize packages like this:

  • Three Main Event Seats. Two are guaranteed and one will be awarded to the winner of the Final Table Bonus Tourney.
  • Twelve $1,500 seats. Eight are guaranteed and five will be awarded to the top finishers of the playoff tourney (remember, one turns into a ME seat). The top two in the playoff will join the eight guaranteed seat winners to play for the final Main Event seat.

You can find a link showing this on the updated leaderboard . You can also see how the money came in on the Bank tab in the same file. Please check the rules page on this site for all of the detail.

Syndicate Covid Policy

Here is The Syndicate Covid policy at least through the end of this season and the Tiki Tourney.

All players must either:

  • Be vaccinated and show proof of such (you can text Jonkey a picture or a screenshot) or
  • Get a Covid test within 36 hours of the event, send evidence of a negative result, and wear a mask.

And as before, all players are welcome to wear masks at our events. Thanks for helping us keep the Syndicate safe!!

Season 15 – Event 15

Congratulation to Farid on taking down Event 14. With two 3rd place finishes earlier in the season this moved Farid way up the leaderboard into the guaranteed seat zone! Renee then followed up his pre-covid-lockdown win in Event 13 with a strong 2nd place finish. In 3rd place was Wendi, who is having an awesome season with five top-3 finishes now!!

Final Table:

  1. Farid
  2. Rene
  3. Wendi
  4. Jim H
  5. Dana
  6. Rowan
  7. John B
  8. Thane
  9. Bob W.
  10. Bob C.

Season 15 – Event 14


Congratulations to Ranjit for winning our comeback tourney! This win all but locked up Ranjit’s place at the top of the leaderboard. Congratulations also to Jonkey for his best finish of the season in 2nd place. That moved him all the way into the playoff picture. Likewise, Mark’s 3rd place finish put him in contention for the playoffs. We were definitely a little out of practice though as we forgot to take a winner’s picture of the always handsome Ranjit!

Final Table:

  1. Ranjit
  2. Jonkey
  3. Mark Ross
  4. David Benjamin
  5. Paul R
  6. Anders
  7. Rowan
  8. Wayne
  9. Jon T
  10. Andi

It was great to see everyone and play some poker together again after such a long break. It seemed like both a long awaited reunion and just like old times! Thank you to Joey for hosting us again at his Clairmont Studio. It felt just like home right from the start! And thanks also to Patsy and Farid for the meatball sandwiches, my favorite off their menu!!

More news soon!!

Season 15 – Event 13


Congratulations to Rene for his first Syndicate victory since – wait, this is Rene’s first Syndicate victory EVER!!  Way to go Rene!  Back in season 8 Rene managed to get first place overall and represent us in Vegas – but he managed it without a win that year.   In second place was Wendi who continues her torrid scoring pace with her third top-3 finish in just five events.  Paul R came in third for his best result of the season.

Final Table:

  1. Rene
  2. Wendi
  3. Paul R
  4. Dana
  5. Jim H
  6. Joy
  7. Bob W
  8. Droo
  9. Ranjit
  10. CraigL

Next UP:  We don’t know.  Our season is now suspended until it is clearly safe for us to all play together again.  Once it is safe for us to play we will complete our season and then wait for the next safe opportunity to play in Las Vegas.

Season 15 – Event 12


Congratulations to Wendi for her first Syndicate Victory!!  This was her fifth score and third final table of the Season which brings her up to 3rd place in the overall standings!In 2nd place was Mark Ross who went from waaaaay down the leaderboard to being in the running to be in the running.  In 3rd place was Farid – his second 3rd of the season.  And Kyle, Craigy, and Bob W rounded out our money winners

Final Table:

  1. Wendi
  2. Mark Ross
  3. Farid
  4. Kyle
  5. Craigy
  6. Bob W
  7. Don C
  8. Chad
  9. Wayne
  10. Don B

The next tourney is on Saturday March 7 and the Evite is already out.

Season 15 – Event 11


Congratulations to Matt for his victory in event 11.  Matt came to the final table with a big stack and it just kept growing.  By the time he knocked out Mark S and Ranjit (in 5th and 4th respectively) in the same hand (Matt had QQ against two AKs) he had a Jupiter-sized stack going into 3-way action.  This was Matt’s first win since the 12th event of Season 13 and moves him well up the leaderboard.  In 2nd place was The Wizard which moves him up to 4th place overall – just 10 points behind David Benjamin.  In 3rd place was your commissioner who, going back to last season, had gone 12 events without a score!

Final Table

  1. Matt B
  2. Dana
  3. Jonkey
  4. Ranjit
  5. Mark S
  6. Joey
  7. Rene
  8. Gary F
  9. Bob C
  10. Anthony


Next up is our third Major of the Season on February 15th

Season 15 – Event 10


Congratulations to David on his win Saturday night.  This was David’s 6th overall win, including two wins last season. Rookie Syndicator Tom Brown came in 2nd place – his second runner-up result in the last three tourneys.  These finishes put David and Tom in 2nd and 5th place overall respectively.  In third place was Paul H who now has finished in the points, including three final tables, four times in a row.

Final Table:

  1. David B
  2. Tom
  3. Paul J
  4. Scotty
  5. Craigy
  6. Kelsi
  7. Steve A
  8. Justin
  9. Scott D
  10. Matt H.

Our next tournament is this Saturday, February 2nd, and the Evite is already out.

Season 15 – Event 9

Congratulations to Gary for his first win since event two of Season 13 and his 3rd overall.  Gary is going for his second Main Event in a row and this win put him back in the running – just 100 points behind Ranjit, the leader.  Bob Cosway took down 2nd place while Wendi earned a 3rd place finish.


Final Table:

  1. Gary B
  2. Bob C
  3. Wendi
  4. Gary F
  5. Don C
  6. Chris B
  7. Anthony
  8. J. Paul Hopkins
  9. Shawn
  10. Ranjit

Our next tourney will be on Saturday, January 25th.  The Evite is already out.

Season 15 – Event 8

Congratulations to The Wizard for his first victory since last event of Season 13.  Also to new player Tom Brown for his best Syndicate finish by far.  Right behind them in 3rd place was David with his second top-4 finish in a row.80443218_10156846915648106_6333428688159244288_n

Final Table:

  1.  Dana
  2. Tom
  3. David B
  4. Rick Harrel
  5. Matt H
  6. Jim H
  7. Jon T
  8. Gary B
  9. Chris B
  10. Spork

Our next tourney will be on Saturday, January 11.  The Evite will go out shortly.  Happy Holiday everyone!!


Season 15 – Event 6

Congratulations to Bob W for his first Syndicate victory!!

Syndicate Winner - S15 E6 Bob W

Final Table:
1. Bob W
2. Steve A.
3. Anthony
4. Jon T
5. Kathy
6. Joy
7. Jim H
8. Matt B
9. John B
10. Keith

The leaderboard and all results can be found HERE