Season 17 – Event 4

First – how about those Padres! What a great game and series – and against the Dodgers!

Next, we have an announcement to make. In the interest of fairness Matt Burley will only be able to play in every other tournament. He’ll be able to play next on Nov. 5th.

Seriously, congratulations Matt on your second win of the season and 11th overall (in 9 seasons)! Apparently even Matt needs a little luck on his side though: with 5 players remaining Matt shoved KJo and gets snapped by Keith with AA; a K on the flop and a J on the turn gave Matt a big stack and he never looked back!

Steve P took 2nd place and Keithy held on for 3rd. Mark S and Wendi got 4th and 5th respectively to round out our money winners.

Final Table:

  1. Matt B
  2. Steve P
  3. Keithy
  4. Mark S
  5. Wendi
  6. Dalton
  7. John B
  8. Wayne
  9. Paul H

The Leaderboard: After 4 events Matt B has 4 scores, 3 final tables and 2 wins. So he’s in the lead. 105 points below him is Alan with a win and three scores. John B and Paul H are in 3rd and 4th respectively, each with 3 final table appearances this season. Keith (4 scores), Wayne (3 FT’s) Ranjit, Buck and Scotty round out our players currently in the green section.

Next Up: Event 5 is a regular deep stack event this Saturday, October 22nd at 3pm.

Full results HERE and a Link to the Season 17 Leaderboard, Results, Stake and Schedule

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