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 July 9, 2010

That’s a wrap poker players:

With Mike’s KK losing out to QQ in a crucial hand at the Main Event our 2009-2010 season draws to a close.  We had our best season overall with the most players (51) and entries (414) in our history.  This success allowed us to send more winners to Vegas (8) than ever before and once in Vegas our players represented us well.  Both Phil and Keith made legitimate runs in their events and Mike was poised to go into day 2 of the Main Event with over 50,000 in chips until he got brutally sucked out on.

So, our 2009-2010 San Diego Syndicate WSOP Player of the Tournament award (new this year!!) goes to Tim Fischer playing in his $1,500 buy-in event.  Tim came in 80th place out of a field of 2563 and was in position to go much deeper when he got sucked out on by a 5 outer.  For his efforts Tim will receive numerous fist bumps, some high 5’s, a couple of bro-hugs and a free Syndicate T-shirt!!  Tim cashed for $5,847 in his event and 1/2 of that will go back into The Syndicate.

We are now putting the final touches on our 2010 – 2011 Season so the full schedule and other announcements are right around the corner.  The first event of Season VI of the Syndicate will be held on August 8th.  We also will be hosting a pre-season tournament later this month with a full payout to the winners.  This will be held on July 25th at 4PM.

More soon…

July 9, 2010

Mike’s Main Event run is cut short by a brutal suck out: 

Mike lasted until there was about 20 minutes left in Day 1D.  He played patiently throughout the day, often building his stack only to run into some monsters.  By controlling the pot size in these situations he was able to survive against some big hands and put himself in a position to go deep.

                The Main Event features a 30,000 chip starting stack and two hour levels.  At the end of round 1 Mike was sitting on 32,450.  He had been as high as 41k until his set of 10’s ran into a straight.  Mike tried to bet his opponent off his draw but the villain had both straight and flush draws and wouldn’t go away.

                Level two was pretty uneventful as Mike didn’t get much to work with.  He took down 3 pots pre-flop and then folded all other pots he entered on the flop. He did make one move that worked. His stack at the end of the round was at 28,125.

                Mike made some progress during level three.  He won a nice pot with AK on a K high board and turned a wheel holding the mighty 2,5o.  He had brought both hands in with raises from late position so he had a tight but unpredictable image. He ended the round with 36,450.

                In the next round Mike’s stack took a big hit when his A10cc on a board of 10,10,7 ran into pocket 7’s.  He lost the minimum though and was down to 21,250 when the fateful hand played out.  With the blinds at 200/400/50 a middle position player opened for 2,000.  Mike, holding KK, raised it to 6,300.  MP shoved and Mike was all in when he followed him into the pot.  Mike was elated to hear the villain ask “Do you have Aces?” but felt like he’d been kicked in the gut when a Queen showed in the window.  He had outs when the turn showed the 3rd diamond but there was no K or diamond on the river.  It’s a tough way to lose but Mike got it in good and sometimes that’s all you can do.


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