The San Diego Syndicate – WSOP Qualifier Series

The Syndicate was formed by a group of friends (mostly volleyball players!) who wanted to send a representative to the WSOP Main Event.  There were ten events that first season culminating with Chris Gregg going to the Main Event in the summer of 2006.  The Syndicate is now in its 16th season and is still going strong.

Here’s How it Works

We run a 16-tournament series where cash and points are awarded every time you play. At each event 50% of the cash is awarded to that night’s winners and the remaining 50% is saved toward our year-end prizes. At the end of the season your top 10 scores are totaled and the winners get to play in the WSOP Main Event!

We also award entries into lower buy-in tournaments, usually at $1,500 buy-ins, for our runners up and even more seats are awarded in an end of the season playoff event. Then, when our players cash in the WSOP they keep 50% of their winnings and the Syndicate shares (and distributes) the other 50%. Everyone who plays in a tournament gets one share in the Syndicate for each event they enter*.

Here are some highlights
  • We take only a player’s top 10 finishes in points over the course of the season to determine the winner.
  • The top players of the series win a $10,000 entry into the Main Event*.
  • Another Main Event winner is determined at our Bonus Main Event Tourney at the end of the season*.
  • The next top finishers receive guaranteed $1,500 WSOP seats and seat at the Bonus Main Event Tourney.
  • The top 18 players that did not receive a “guaranteed seat” will compete for additional $1,500 seats in our playoff tournament.
  • The Guaranteed Seat winners plus the Playoff winners will then play a single table tournament with the winner earning a $10,000 Main Event seat. This is called our “Bonus Main Event Tournament”.
  • Players can earn bonus points & playoff chips just by participating – check the full rules for more details.
  • We hold four Major tournaments that feature deeper starting stacks and bonus playoff chips.
  • We occasionally hold other specially formatted tournaments that emulate different structures we may face on our way to the Main Event!
Please Note

In order to qualify for post-season play and/or the distribution of WSOP earnings a player must play in a minimum of 5 events.

*All prizes are based upon attendance throughout the season and the tournaments offered by the WSOP.  If needed our WSOP prizes projections will be updated. Be sure to check the full rules as well as our structure page for more information and all the details.


Please Email us with any questions you may have, or if you would like to be added to our invitation list. Also, please let us know how you found out about The Syndicate.
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  • Chad Mothe’
  • Paul Hopkins
  • Keith Morgan
  • Matt Burley
  • Joy Jennings
  • Don Bisco

Joy Jennings


For more info and to follow our tournament action:     The San Diego Syndicate: Poker

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