Season 15 – Event 13


Congratulations to Rene for his first Syndicate victory since – wait, this is Rene’s first Syndicate victory EVER!!  Way to go Rene!  Back in season 8 Rene managed to get first place overall and represent us in Vegas – but he managed it without a win that year.   In second place was Wendi who continues her torrid scoring pace with her third top-3 finish in just five events.  Paul R came in third for his best result of the season.

Final Table:

  1. Rene
  2. Wendi
  3. Paul R
  4. Dana
  5. Jim H
  6. Joy
  7. Bob W
  8. Droo
  9. Ranjit
  10. CraigL

Next UP:  We don’t know.  Our season is now suspended until it is clearly safe for us to all play together again.  Once it is safe for us to play we will complete our season and then wait for the next safe opportunity to play in Las Vegas.

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