Season 15 – Event 14


Congratulations to Ranjit for winning our comeback tourney! This win all but locked up Ranjit’s place at the top of the leaderboard. Congratulations also to Jonkey for his best finish of the season in 2nd place. That moved him all the way into the playoff picture. Likewise, Mark’s 3rd place finish put him in contention for the playoffs. We were definitely a little out of practice though as we forgot to take a winner’s picture of the always handsome Ranjit!

Final Table:

  1. Ranjit
  2. Jonkey
  3. Mark Ross
  4. David Benjamin
  5. Paul R
  6. Anders
  7. Rowan
  8. Wayne
  9. Jon T
  10. Andi

It was great to see everyone and play some poker together again after such a long break. It seemed like both a long awaited reunion and just like old times! Thank you to Joey for hosting us again at his Clairmont Studio. It felt just like home right from the start! And thanks also to Patsy and Farid for the meatball sandwiches, my favorite off their menu!!

More news soon!!

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