Season 15 – Event 12


Congratulations to Wendi for her first Syndicate Victory!!  This was her fifth score and third final table of the Season which brings her up to 3rd place in the overall standings!In 2nd place was Mark Ross who went from waaaaay down the leaderboard to being in the running to be in the running.  In 3rd place was Farid – his second 3rd of the season.  And Kyle, Craigy, and Bob W rounded out our money winners

Final Table:

  1. Wendi
  2. Mark Ross
  3. Farid
  4. Kyle
  5. Craigy
  6. Bob W
  7. Don C
  8. Chad
  9. Wayne
  10. Don B

The next tourney is on Saturday March 7 and the Evite is already out.

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