Season 17 – Event 16

Congratulations to Robert on his first Syndicate victory! Robert played in 12 events this season (his first) and scored a 1st and a 3rd, which helped move him up into the middle of the playoff field.

The runner up was Drew, who knew going into the tourney that he had to go DEEEEP to have a chance at the playoffs. With only six tourneys played this season, the 3-time WSOP Circuit Event winner knew he need a top score to make it, but he didn’t realize he’d have to win! He gave it a good run but ultimately fell just one place short.

In 3rd place was Don B, who managed to jump into the playoffs while also crushing Anthony’s soul along the way! After all of the night’s previous action, Anthony, who came in 4th on this night, needed a 2nd place finish to pass John B and earn the second Main Event seat. He gave John (who busted in 13th place to break a tie with Alan) perhaps the most brutal sweat in Syndicate history. At the final table Anthony had a decent amount of chips but kept adding to his stack as players busted out. By the time four players remained Anthony had amassed a formidable stack by the time he got all in with AhKh vs Don’s ATo. With a 10 on the flop and another 10 on the turn, Anthony lost about 2/3 of his stack (of course a K landed on the river! But Anthony mounted a mini-comeback and chipped back up to extend John’s now excruciating sweat! This went on for some time until Anthony was finally all-in again – this time with AJ against Don’s mighty 85. A 5 on the flop and a 5 on the turn ended Anthony’s run and light John finally take a breath and celebrate.

Jack also made a great run this evening for his 5th place finish, but like Drew he fell just one place short of making the playoffs.

Final Table

  1. Robert
  2. Drew
  3. Don B
  4. Anthony
  5. Jack
  6. Kelsi
  7. Patsy
  8. Paul H
  9. Lena
  10. Lisa

The Leaderboard & Season 17 Final At 10:25pm, when John Borges busted in 13th place, Paul Hopkins clinched his second WSOP Main Event seat and 1st place overall for the Season. P-man won his first Main Event seat back in Season 8 when he came in 2nd place overall just behind Rene. Paul began with the Syndicate back in 2008 (season 4) when he earned his first WSOP seat in the playoffs. This season Paul had 10 scores with one victory and eight final tables.

Our 2nd place finisher, and winner of our 2nd Main Event seat, is John Borges. John started the tournament having to contend with SEVEN players that could have knocked him out of that seat! John, who started with the Syndicate back in season 14, had a solid season with eight scores, including a win and seven final tables.

Amazingly, all of the guaranteed seat players held on to their seats and will now come back next Sunday to play in our Bonus Main Event Final Table Tourney. Congratulations to Alan, Anthony, Keithy, Mark, Matt B, Gary, Kelsi and Rene.

Our playoff field is also now set with Buck, Ranjit and Jonkey as the top three seeds. Congratulations again to both Robert and Don as they both came from below “the line” to earn a playoff seat and chance at winning a $1,500 or even a $10,000 WSOP seat!

Congratulations to all of our winners and good luck to our playoff contenders both on Saturday and Sunday!

Next Up The top 18 players that did not earn a guaranteed seat will play again Saturday at 3pm. The top four players will earn a $1,500 seat with the top three of them advancing to the Main Event Bonus tournament the next day – also at 3pm. We will send out Evites and more information about those tournaments soon via email. Please note that Alan will unfortunately not be able to play in the Sunday tournament.

Link to the Season 17 Leaderboard, Results, Stake and Schedule

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