Season 17 – Event 15

Congratulation to Kelsi for her first Syndicate victory! Kelsi started with us back in season 14 and had two runner’s up finishes in season 16 – but this was her first time winning it all! In second place was Alan “Machu Picchu” Ho, followed by Keithy, Matt H and Gary B.

Final Table

  1. Kelsi
  2. Alan
  3. Keithy
  4. Matt H
  5. Gary B
  6. Lena
  7. Jonkey
  8. Buck
  9. Farid
  10. John B

The Leaderboard – Things are crazy now at the top of the leaderboard! Paul somehow held on to first place with 430 points, but we now have John B and Alan in a tie for 2nd, just 10 points behind him. Keithy is right behind them in 4th place with 400 points. Then there’s a pack of players: Mark S, Matt B, Gary, Rene and even Anthony within 60 points of a Main Event seat! Even Kelsi and Buck are still in reach of a guaranteed main event seat with a win in the final event!

Then down in the playoff hunt, anyone down to Chad in 53rd place could still make it into the playoffs and still be eligible for a Main Event prize package!!

Next Up – The final regular season event is this Saturday, April 29th at 3pm. This will be a Major Deep Stack tourney with a 40k starting stack.

Cash Game – Bring some extra dough to the final tourney as we will have a cash game game going as players bust out.

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