Season 17 – Event 10

So it would seem that everyone’s favorite Raider fan has a strategy – win the 10th event of every season! So far Paul has six syndicate victories and the last three have been in the 10th event of the season! Congratulations P-Man! In 2nd place was Tombie with his first points of the season in five attempts. In 3rd place was Gary B, followed by Dave Readman, Lisa, and Alan to round out our money winners.

Final Table

  1. Paul H
  2. Tombie
  3. Gary B
  4. Dave Readman
  5. Lisa
  6. Alan
  7. Robb
  8. Keith
  9. MC
  10. Buck

The Leaderboard

Paul’s victory this week, which now makes six scores and five final table appearances, has vaulted him into a 1st place tie with Matt “What Happened” Burley. This dropped Keithy, who has nine scores this season, down to 3rd place. Gary and Alan’s high finishes this tourney moved them up to 4th and 5th place respectively. Rene, Buck and MarkS complete our current guaranteed seat holders. Anthony is still the bubble boy.

Next Up

The next event is a regular deep stack tourney on Saturday February 11th at 3pm. The evite will go out soon.

Link to the Season 17 Leaderboard, Results, Stake and Schedule

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