Season 17 – Event 9

Well, it took Anthony nine seasons to earn his first Syndicate victory, but only nine more events notch his second one!! And this tourney was a wild ride to the peak! On one hand Anthony admitted later that he made a bad call and needed a king to save him – he got the king! In another big hand his 2-pair got caught by a flush but he filled his boat on the river. Congratulations Anthony!!

In second place, after a 75 minute heads up duel, was Rene. Lena came in 3rd place, followed by Keith and Jimmy X in 4th and 5th.

Final Table

  1. Anthony
  2. Rene
  3. Lena
  4. Keithy
  5. Jimmy X
  6. Anders
  7. MC
  8. Kelly
  9. Joy
  10. Amy

The Leaderboard

Matt B still hold the number one spot but the pack is closing in even further with Keithy and Rene moving up into 2nd and 3rd place with their big finishes. The other significant move was Anthony who moved all the way from “where’s Anthony” up into 9th place!

Next Up

Event 10 is a re-entry event coming up on Saturday, January 21th.

Link to the Season 17 Leaderboard, Results, Stake and Schedule

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