Season 16 – Event 04

Season 16 – Event 4 Winner: Ranjit

So the good news for everyone else in the Syndicate is that Matt B didn’t win our first major of the Season. The bad news is that Ranjit won!! Congratulations to Ranjit on his third Syndicate win in just three seasons! In 2nd place was Gary B and David B came in 3rd place. Joy and Rene came in 4th and 5th respectively for their best finishes of the season.

Final Table:

  1. Ranjit
  2. Gary B
  3. David Benj
  4. Joy
  5. Rene
  6. Christopher
  7. Rick
  8. Matt B
  9. Dave Rdmn
  10. Paul H

Link to the Season 16 Leaderboard, Results, Stake and Schedule

Next up: we play a regular Deep Stack tourney THIS Saturday at 3pm.

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