New Syndicate Tournament Structure

We have always tried to approximate the structures that the WSOP and this season they began including antes from the very start of each tournament. The above structure that we are adopting is very close to what the WSOP is now using. One thing to note is that while antes now begin immediately there are new levels like 200/300 and 300/500 that help keep the tourney deep early. You’ll also notice that 800/1600 is gone and replaced by 1000/1500. In general this structure gets lower denomination chips off the table quicker while still increasing the levels at a reasonable pace.

Unless some tourneys go very late (like majors/re-entries) we will have the same structure at all regular season events. The first 6 levels will be 30 minutes long, followed by dinner. This will also mark the end of the re-entry period for those events. Then levels 7 through 18 will be 25 minutes long. Levels 19 (which will be about midnight) and higher will be 20 minutes in length. If we reach the final level of 50,000/100,000 it will go until the tourney is over. As always, there is no ante heads up and the 3rd place finisher MUST stay to deal until the end.

After dinner, the other breaks each occur one level after a chip-denomination is no longer needed. That gives the table one level for someone to buy up the chips and then we’ll remove them at the end of that level. These breaks will be as short as possible.

This is also a good time to remind players that they can arrive late but must be seated before the start of level 10. Unlike in the WSOP though you do start with a blinded down stack.

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