Season 15 WSOP Team is Set!!

After 16 tournaments, 2 playoffs and 25 months our WSOP team is ready!!

  1. The winner of Season 15, Ranjit, has only played with us for two seasons but he is now two for two on winning Main Event seats. Last season he won the Main Event Bonus Tourney and this season he was the overall winner by 135 points! We spoke with him earlier today and he promised that he was going to go deeeeeeeeeep in his Main Event run this time!
  2. Our runner up this season, Wendi, has had a Syndicate career that led right to this moment. Wendi joined us back in season 10 when she only played a few events and came in 62nd place. In season 11 she moved up to 32nd place and in season 12 she made the playoffs in 21st. She made the playoffs again in season 13 with a 16th place finish and in season 14 she earned a guaranteed seat with a 7th place finish. So every season she has moved up the leaderboard until this season when she became the first woman in Syndicate history to win a WSOP Main Event seat. Congratulations Wendi!!
  3. Our third Main Event winner proved that all you have to do is make the playoffs to win a Main Event Seat! Jon Towers came from the playoff bracket and by winning a top-2 finish he earned a seat at our Bonus Main Event Final Table. Of course he won this tournament and will represent the Syndicate for the first time since joining our league back in season 8. Way to go Trouble!!

Our other winners:

4. David Benj – 3rd place, fifth Syndi seat w/ 2 Main Events (9 seasons)

5. Dana – 4th place, sixth Syndi seat with 2 Main Events (8 seasons)

6. Rowan – 5th place, second Syndi seat (3 seasons)

7. Matt B – 6th place, sixth Syndi seat with 2 Main Events (7 seasons)

8. Anthony – 7th place, first Syndi seat (8 seasons)

9. Farid – 8th place, first syndi seat (13 seasons)

10. Bob W – 9th place, first syndi seat (7 seasons)

11. Rene – 9th place, fourth syndi seat with 1 Main Event (9 seasons)

12. Matt H. – 11th place, first syndi seat (8 seasons)

13. Tom B – 15th place, first syndi seat (1 season)

14. Mark S – 23rd pace, first syndi seat (4 seasons)

15. Jonkey – 25th place, seventh syndi seat w/ 2 ME’s (15 seasons)

Huge congratulations to Anthony, Bob W, Matt H, Farid, Mark S and Tom B for winning their first Syndicate WSOP seats!!

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