Season 15 Main Event Final Table Tourney

We’ll have more info ready in a bit but here are the results of our Bonus Main Event Final Table tourney last night. We had 10 players – 8 with guaranteed seats and 2 that came from the previous night’s 18 player playoff.

All the players began with starting stacks based on their finish this season: David Benjamin, who came in 3rd place overall this season, began with 50 million chips. While Jon Towers and Mark Sawkar, who qualified the night before in the playoff tourney, started with 30 million chips each. The number of chips on the table – 360,400,000 – approximates a typical Main Event Final Table. As do the blinds that began at 200,000/400,000.

Here were the players and their starting stacks:

And the winner is:

Jon Towers, who came up from the playoffs the night before, took it down to earn his first Syndicate Main Event seat. Head’s up began with Dana holding a 220m to 140m chip lead, and the Wizard then extended that to 300m to 60m. But Jon stayed patient (the blinds were 3m/6m at this point) and just chipped away at Dana’s stack. After about 90 minutes of heads up play they got it all in on a flop of 8K7, with Dana holding AA and Jon with K8. It was an exciting finish to a very strange season for us. And it was all the more special for Jon as not only did he earn his seat by getting a top-2 finish the night before, but it was also his birthday!!

Here are the final results:

  1. Jon Towers
  2. Dana
  3. Farid
  4. Mark S
  5. Rowan
  6. Rene
  7. David Benjamin
  8. Anthony
  9. Matt B
  10. Bob W

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