Season 17 – Event 13

Congratulations to Ranjit on his second win of the season and fifth overall in his illustrious Syndicate career! The runner up was Jonkey, who survived a harrowing run of bad cards, suck-outs, bad beats, Anthony’s haranguing, AND Matt Hopkins to earn his second 2nd of the season. In 3rd place was John “I’m an official Syndicate Closer Now” Borges with his fifth final table of the season. Rene took 4th place and Joy – in her final tournament with us (for now!) – took 5th.

Final Table

  1. Ranjit
  2. Jonkey
  3. John B
  4. Rene
  5. Joy
  6. Matt Hopkins
  7. Alan
  8. Tombie
  9. Kelly
  10. Jack

The Leaderboard – The top of the leaderboard is getting TIGHT!! Mark and Paul are still in the lead but Rene and Alan moved up this week and Keithy, Matt B, Anthony and Gary are all still completely within striking distance. Really, anyone down to 11th place could move into the overall lead with a win. It’s going to be a wild final three tourneys this season!!

Projections – John B, Joy and I will make reasonable projections and may revise the prize possibilities this week. Stay tuned on that.

Next Up – The next tournament is a rebuy event on Saturday, March 25 – we will be running a cash game again as players bust out of the event.

Schedule Change – The tournament scheduled for April 15th will be rescheduled. We will now run Event 15 on April 22nd and Event 16 on April 29th.

Link to the Season 17 Leaderboard, Results, Stake and Schedule

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