Season 16 – Event 16

Check this out – after 123 events spread over 9 seasons, Anthony is now a Syndicate winner!! Head’s up against Mark Sawkar began with relatively even stacks but Anthony was not going to let this chance at victory slip away. And in the final hand he busted Mark’s KK with a straight. Congratulations to Anthony!!

After Mark came Jon Trouble in 3rd, Farid in 4th and Keithy in 5th.

Final Table:

  1. Anthony
  2. Mark S
  3. Jon T
  4. Farid
  5. Keithy
  6. Matt B
  7. John B
  8. Bob C
  9. Paul R
  10. Kelsi

The season’s results are now final and our playoff field is set. Check the results page.

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