Season 16 – Event 14

Congratulations to Jon Towers for his second win in just three events! We definitely live in crazy times! In second place was Scotty Storrs followed by Matt B, John B and Jonkey.

Final Table:

  1. Jon
  2. Scotty
  3. Matt B
  4. John B
  5. Jonkey
  6. Mona
  7. Chris Blake
  8. Mark S
  9. Donnie
  10. Farid

Please note – unless something significant happens, the leader-board prize projections are now set. We’ll have one guaranteed main event seat. Then seven guaranteed $1,500 seats; then four $1,500 seats awarded in the playoffs. The top three playoff winners will join the seven guaranteed seat winners to play in our bonus final-table tournament to award our other main event seat.

In order to send this many players (2 extra) we agreed that all winners will forego their up-front expense money. In the event that a player cashes then she/he will be able to take double what their stipend was going to be before splitting their prize with the Syndicate.

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