Season 16 – Event 10

Finally!! After a gap of 2,236 days, one of the most celebrated players in Syndicate history – Paul “Pman” Hopkins – has returned to The Winner’s Circle! Paul began his Syndicate career back in Season 4 and represented the Syndi at the WSOP in six of his first eight seasons, including a Main Event seat in Season 8. Paul’s last win was Event 10 of Season 10. In 2nd place was Kelsi “Tik Tok” Burley with Dr. Bob coming in 3rd.

Final Table:

  1. Paul H
  2. Kelsi
  3. Bob W
  4. John B
  5. Matt B
  6. Patsy
  7. Bob C
  8. Jonkey
  9. Keithy
  10. Chris

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