Season 16 – Event 8

Back to back for Scotty D!! All that good karma he banks for helping set things up every tourney is starting to pay off! In second place was a new player, Kyle Sedlick. And in third was Matt “he can’t be that good” Burley. Oh, and everyone’s favorite Anthony – Anthony – came in 4th, followed by Mona in 5th.

Final Table:

  1. Scott Dennis
  2. Kyle S
  3. Matt B(ullshit!)
  4. Anthony!!
  5. Mona
  6. Cameron
  7. Amy
  8. Steve A
  9. ???????????
  10. ???????????
  11. Kelsi
  12. ???????????
  13. John Thursby
  14. ???????????
  15. ???????????

Please players – we had a problem with the computer after this tournament and I asked everyone who played what their finish was. Some did not answer so I have incomplete results for this one. Help me out!!!

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