Season 16 – Event 2

Event 2 Winner Matt (r) and runner up Kelsi (l)

We’ve had several hubby-wife players in the Syndicate but we’ve never had them go heads-up for the win before! No surprise though, considering the results of this week’s WSOP Monster Tournament, that the first 1-2 duo would be Matt & Kelsi! Congratulations to both of you on this tournament’s results and your finishes in Vegas.

In 3rd place was Mona, for her best Syndicate finish. In 4th place was Jimmy X in his Season 16 debut. And Keith came in 5th for his second solid finish in two events this season.

We’re now two events in the season and Matt already has a 1st and 2nd place finish. It looks like someone has his sights set on next summer’s Main Event already!! You can check the Results page for the updated leaderboard and all the results.

The Final Table

  1. Matt B
  2. Kelsi
  3. Mona
  4. Jimmy X
  5. Keith
  6. Joy
  7. Joey
  8. CraigL
  9. Anders
  10. Amy

NEXT UP: We play this Saturday at 3PM! This is a regular deep-stack tournament. You can check the schedule page for the full schedule.

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