Prize Pool Final Prize Packages

Every season we make projections for what our prize packages will be and those are then adjusted as we go along depending on attendance. It is not uncommon for us to add or remove seats as the end of the season draws near, but this season the adjustment is more dramatic than most. Since coming back from the Covid break, our attendance is significantly lower than our earlier projections. Where we expected to get attendance for the final three events in the 50’s to high 40’s, we are now getting the low 40’s and now the low 30’s. I’m sure we’ll bounce back when the new season starts but this is what we have to work with now.

With about $53,000 to work with our rules lay out our prize packages like this:

  • Three Main Event Seats. Two are guaranteed and one will be awarded to the winner of the Final Table Bonus Tourney.
  • Twelve $1,500 seats. Eight are guaranteed and five will be awarded to the top finishers of the playoff tourney (remember, one turns into a ME seat). The top two in the playoff will join the eight guaranteed seat winners to play for the final Main Event seat.

You can find a link showing this on the updated leaderboard . You can also see how the money came in on the Bank tab in the same file. Please check the rules page on this site for all of the detail.

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